The Michigan Pre-College & Youth Outreach Conference Steering Committee is looking for presentations for this year’s conference. The theme this year is Inclusion and Innovations in College Access: Cultivating Michigan Youth.

We’re looking to showcase and celebrate inclusive practices and innovative impacts. Topics to be explored may include:

  • Inclusive Programming and Practices
  • Innovative Use of Technology in Outreach
  • Cross-Campus and Community Partnerships
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Goals
  • Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Cultivating Interest in STEM
  • Enhancing Institutional Missions
  • Engaging College Students in Outreach
  • Career Readiness


Do you have a great idea for a presentation at this year’s Michigan Pre-College & Youth Outreach Conference? Share your inclusive and innovative practices and research with your statewide colleagues this year at PCC.

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