The answer to the question “What is the Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference?” starts with the turn of the 21st century. At the time, confidence in the value and importance of a college education was being challenged across the state of Michigan. State funding support for higher education was declining, parents were questioning rising tuition costs, and both racial and socioeconomic disparities were reflected in college enrollments.

A Solution to A Complex Problem

The University of Michigan and Michigan State University were concerned about these issues and wanted to promote college access, expand higher educational opportunities, and encourage a more diverse student body through enrollment. Faculty, staff, and students at both Universities were invested in how to achieve these goals. From this, the idea of a statewide conference to bring together interested parties seemed like the best solution.

The first Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference (PCC) was organized by Will Edwards at Michigan State University in 2008. The second PCC was held in 2009 at the University of Michigan and with Dr. William Collins at the Center for Educational Outreach, as the organizer. Dr. Collins established the conference as an annual event. These first two conferences focused on important topics of interest to education professionals across the state of Michigan which helped to build the reputation of PCC and expand the reach of the conference throughout the state of Michigan.

A Collaborative Effort Across the State of Michigan

Today, the Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference is planned and orchestrated by multiple colleges and universities as well as community-based partners. The current Steering Committee of PCC includes:


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