The Pre-College and Youth Outreach Conference has a rich history of engaging speakers and conversations about key issues facing pre-college youth in Michigan. Themes include:

  • 2019 – Inclusion and Innovations in College Access – Hosted by U-M
  • 2017 – The Urgency of College Access: Challenges, Opportunities, and Impacts – Hosted by U-M
  • 2016 – Building Pathways. Providing Access. Ensuring Success – Hosted by MSU
  • 2015 – Pumping the Pipeline: Advancing Access to College and Career – Hosted by U-M
  • 2014 – Youth2College: Providing Youth the Resource to Navigate the Pipeline – Hosted by Western Michigan
  • 2013 – Powerful Partnering: Connecting Curriculum and Practices for a College-Going Culture – Hosted by U-M
  • 2012 – Building Capacity to Collectively Prepare Students for College and Careers – Hosted by MSU
  • 2011 – A Call to Action: Building a College-Going Culture – Hosted by U-M
  • 2010 – Education…New Innovations, New Approaches for the New Michigan – Hosted by Wayne State University
  • 2009 – Developing Michigan’s Future Leaders: Pathways to College Access and Excellence – Hosted By U-M
  • 2008 – Building Youth Assets as a Long-Term Strategy Toward a Better Michigan – Hosted By MSU


Topics of conversation at past PCC conferences centered on issues facing pre-college youth in Michigan. Examples include:

  • National issues such as graduation rates, college admission, access;
  • The Detroit Public Schools crisis and supporting youth in Detroit
  • How to Involve the public universities of the state of Michigan to promote college access
  • How can public institutions Inspire the next generation to go to college
  • How to promote college access and college-going community to the younger generation
  • Discussing the costs of community/local college vs. 4-year public or private universities
  • Demographic change and SoM workforce needs: the role of higher education
  • Promoting a college-going culture across the state
  • Successful collaborations for college access
  • Informing parents about college options and opportunities
  • College costs and college benefits
  • Goal 2025: The need for a highly trained/educated workforce
  • The role of HS counselors in promoting a college-going culture

PCC is a great place to gather and discuss these themes and issues and connect with other professionals working to help pre-college youth. We hope to see you there on November 18, 2019!


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