Late Afternoon Sessions Information

Below you will find more information about the late afternoon sessions, including the presentation abstracts. Click on the session you would like to explore. There are six concurrent sessions to choose from.

Each session is tagged in one of four tracks: DEI & Belonging, Mental Health, Programming, and Tech. The audience is also listed as being great for one of the following: First Year Outreach Professional, 3+ Years in Outreach Work, 5+ Years in Outreach Work.

Thank you and enjoy!

2:45 - 3:45 PM Session

Room CDEF Understanding Trauma and Building Resilience

Speaker Gwenden Dueker, Grand Valley State University

Track Mental Health – Trauma / Overcoming Adversity

Audience 3+ Years in Outreach Work

This session will have three segments. Part 1 will cover the biological mechanisms by which experiences affect human development. Part 2 will introduce the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences and provide data about the frequency of ACES and the later health outcomes associated with ACEs. Part 3 will introduce a multilevel view of resilience and discussion of personal, relational and community-level interventions to support positive outcomes for folks who have experienced trauma.

Room A Unboxed Challenges: The Educational Version of Sneaking Veggies into Spaghetti Sauce

Speakers Katie Knapp, Michigan Technological University,
Jannah Tumey, Michigan Technological University

Track Programming – In-Person again!

Audience 3+ Years in Outreach Work

Students won’t just need an understanding of STEM concepts in their future careers; they will need to know how to apply those concepts to real-world scenarios and work as part of a team to solve problems. Unboxed Challenges are self-contained, progressive puzzles that align with themed curriculum. Challenges put students in role-playing scenarios that allow students with different strengths to each contribute in meaningful ways. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with peers to try to solve your way through our Treasure Hunt theme and learn how to implement a similar style activity of your own!

Room B Teaching Tough Topics – Virtually, Face to Face, and Hybrid

Speakers Debra Barrett, Michigan State University Extension,
Janice Zerbe, Michigan State University Extension

Track Technology – Tools for Success!

Audience 3+ Years in Outreach Work

Using a recent grant project called 4-H Financial Fitness and Fun, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension will share insights and lessons learned when teaching young people money management skills. Keeping youth engaged when teaching an important, dry topic, is crucial to successful and impactful programming. Learn about the technology tools we used mixed with online, hybrid and face to face program delivery.

Room G Session Presentations

First Presentation The (re)Learning Curve for In-Person Programs

Speaker Zach Constan

Track Programming – In-Person again!

Audience 5+ Years in Outreach Work

The return to in-person programming in summer 2022 has been a joy for many, but program staff and volunteers may have discovered some unexpected hurdles in getting back to “normal”. Let’s share some of the challenges and solutions that arose!

Second Presentation The Detroit River Story Lab: Experiments in Place-Based Learning and Engagement

Speaker David Porter, University of Michigan

Track Programming – In-Person again!

Audience 3+ Years in Outreach Work

This presentation will introduce U-M’s Detroit River Story Lab, a new grant-funded, interdisciplinary initiative that partners with a wide variety of local organizations in efforts to reconnect residents with the Detroit River and its many layered stories through the narrative channels of educational programming, nonprofit journalism, and community heritage. Special attention will be given to the Lab’s Detroit River Skiff & Schooner Program, which takes an experiential, place-based learning approach to engaging local youth with the defining waterway of the region and the educational, career, and civic engagement opportunities it makes available.

Room 201 Session Presentations

First Presentation Shaping a Vision of Readiness through a Cohort-based Curriculum Design

Speakers Megan Ahlquist-Cheung, University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach,
Da Jaunteye’ Cooper, University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach,
Laura Saavedra, University of Michigan Center for Educational Outreach

Track Programming – In-Person again!

Audience 3+ Years in Outreach Work

In GEAR UP, we are better together, and securing successful school partnerships is at the core of our existence. As a result, this session will focus on the importance of program identity development and how that helped us design an evidence-based framework/cohort-based curriculum that has proven to connect and strengthen efforts within and across our various school districts and GEAR UP program. The presenters will highlight and share resources such as our framework for student success, the GEAR UP scholar lifecycle, and our data dashboards.

Second Presentation Experience Life in the Future with Mad City Money-Financial Literacy Program

Speaker Holly Mueller, MSU Extension

Track Programming – In-Person again!

Audience First Year Outreach Professional

Need an in-school program to engage more youth, along with providing them with financial literacy, that is fun?! Check out how Holly provides financial literacy in a fun, hands-on atmosphere. While you’ll create and develop new partnerships within your community, teens get a taste of the adult world with this FREE, fun, hands-on budget simulation complete with jobs, income, family, and debt. During the event, youths visit merchants to select housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing, daycare, and other wants and needs while building a budget for their simulated family.
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